Family Owned, Founder Led

Wayne Kent Taylor


Founder of Texas Roadhouse

How we make family-owned, founder-led companies matter more.

Nothing makes us happier than putting a smile on our clients’ faces. Especially when that client is a family-owned business.

We have extensive experience working with founders or family-owned businesses through-out our company’s history. We have helped them bring their vision to life, scale their businesses and achieve great milestones together. We become advocates for their brands – sharing in the ups and downs as if it were our own business.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse’s visionary founder, Kent Taylor, sought out the creative prowess of Leap Group.

Working alongside him, we helped build his fast-casual restaurant from a modest 53 locations to a remarkable 627 U.S. and 29 international locations, plus a portfolio of respected brands.

Texas Roadhouse

Standard Bariatrics

Working closely with Standard Bariatric’s founders and core investors, we created a robust strategy and plan for market entry to build awareness and generate demand within an increasingly competitive, multi-billion-dollar industry. Thanks to our efforts, Standard Bariatric was quickly acquired by Teleflex in the largest startup exit ever for a Greater Cincinnati company.

Heaven Hill

When Heaven Hill, the largest, independent, family-owned and operated producer of distilled spirits in the U.S., came to us in 2016, they only wanted help with a simple product launch. Blown away by our efforts on that launch, they made Leap their spirits AOR the following year, and since then we have put our award-winning, sales-driving creative touch on products in all their spirits portfolios, from tequila and vodka to rum and gin.

Over our seven-years-and-counting relationship, we’ve provided strategy, branding, media, social content, activations, influencer campaigns and creative to well-known brands including Admiral Nelson, Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, Blackheart Spiced Rum, Burnett’s London Dry Gin, Burnett’s Vodka, Deep Eddy Vodkas, HPNOTIQ, Lunazul Tequilas, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, and more.


We revitalized the family-owned Lunazul, transforming it from a neglected tequila on bottom shelves to a premium brand prominently featured on the third shelf. Through emotional depth, captivating visuals, and engaging content, we tapped into our audience’s adventurous spirit, driving increased brand awareness and consideration.

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Congo: Alani Nu & Stori

After working with us on campaigns for their Alani Nu brand, Congo Brands co-founders Katy Hearn and Haydn Schneider called Leap when they wanted to launch a new line of activewear, and we were happy to help their new brand reach a Gen Z audience in a crowded market.

Fair Harbor Clothing

Sustainable swimwear line Fair Harbor’s founder, Caroline Danehy, partnered with Leap Group to chart a bolder course. Entrusting us with strategic paid media campaigns and innovative content creation, the brand’s ethos found a renewed resonance. Together, we’ve woven Fair Harbor’s commitment to the environment into a dynamic narrative that connects its passion with a new audience.
Fair Harbor Clothing

Summit Brands

When the family-owned Summit Brands was ready to scale new heights, President and CEO Joel Harter partnered with us to provide consulting, paid media, creative, analytics and SEO strategy for their portfolio of innovative and sustainable household cleaning products. Armed with our own audience intelligence, we uncovered key human insights that allowed us to connect with their target audience and build brand loyalty.

City Fish

When City Fish, the country’s longest continuously running open seafood market, realized their brand hadn’t stayed as fresh as their fish, they sought out Leap Group’s deep-seated expertise and digital finesse. We reignited Pike Place’s iconic seafood haven with a vibrant brand refresh, compelling out-of-home advertising and captivating creative content that customers found “shrimply” irresistible.

Family-Owned Brand Experience

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