All-Knowing Search Marketing


Search marketing’s goal is to answer users’ questions about your business. If consumers are looking for products or services that your business offers, search marketing gives your brand a place at the table and puts your wares in front of your customers at the peak of their interest. 

Search is a powerful tool for attracting customers, and it continues to gain momentum with new technologies. Younger consumers may never know the pleasure of thumbing through phonebooks to find nearby businesses. Instead, they continue to rely on their home computers, their mobile phones, and even their televisions to find answers to their questions.

By investing in solid search marketing, your business may appear in any of these marketing channels, creating more opportunities for conversions. However, solid search marketing means being conscious of how different mediums attract different search methods.

When searching on desktop computers, for instance, consumers commonly enter three- to six-word phrases for their search queries. On mobile phones, these phrases are typically reduced to one or two words. Televisions may offer another search option through the use of a specific widget.

The point in recognizing these differences is understanding that separate optimization strategies for each device will provide you with the greatest chance of appearing in every medium’s search results. So go ahead — give each medium the attention it deserves. Let your search marketing provide your customers with the answers they want.