CEO Point of View: Spring 2010

Happy 21st! That’s right, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, 21 years ago. Does it seem possible that the web has been around that long? Or, maybe the question would be, does it seem possible that something so integrated into the daily lives of consumers around the globe has only been in existence 21 years?

This issue of Logic + Magic challenges us to change our thinking and encourages us to leverage the grown-up web to build visibility and influence for the brands, companies and products we represent.

As marketers, we see more and more consumers who want content available at all possible times, and 21 years on, the technology is catching up. We now have data connections while we’re at home and while we’re at work, while we’re picking up our kids and while we’re shopping at the grocery store, even during walks in the park or as we wait for our flights. Indeed, consumer interactions have become so casual, it is sometimes hard to recognize the line between a consumer’s life and a purchase decision.

Now that the web is all around us, our content creators can reach new touchpoints in our lives—and so can brands. Advertising is becoming more embedded in our lifestyles and visible as a member of our communities. The more we accept the casual interactions in our lifestyles, the more influence these experiences have on us.

Many of us have pushed our phones to do so much computing as they’ve evolved into mini windows for our wants and needs. Am I nervous or bored while standing in line? Look at my phone. Am I trying to remember the name of the song that’s stuck in my head? Look at my phone. Has anyone wanted to reach me? Look at my phone. Advertisers have watched us blossom into mavens thanks to these innovations, both large and small.

The old models are changing under our feet as innovation creates new consumer spending habits, expectations, and access points to fully integrated content and brand communications. Achieving visibility and influence requires touching customers where they live and creating brand experiences within their lifestyles that meet their needs.

We hope you enjoy this issue and that it inspires you to explore new, consistent, and measurable ways to build long-term visibility and influence for your brand.