CEO Point of View: Summer 2012

As I pondered how to write this intro for our “Power of Search” issue of Logic + Magic, I found myself doing that most natural of all Google-empowered writer’s block activities… searching. At first I wanted to say something profound, so I searched for inspiration. Then I changed my mind, deciding to take a fact-filled approach, so searched out statistics. 

While my numerous searches provided me enough information to write several books, none provided me the solution I sought. In reflecting upon my search failures over my morning coffee (Starbucks, blonde roast with cream and a dash of cinnamon), I realized my own experience demonstrated both the power of search and its challenges. 

Our digital agency regularly ranks in the top tier of search experts; we long ago mastered search optimization and run search programs focused on obtaining the best and multiple SERP positions. But if we stopped there we would be failing our clients. 

The true realization of the “Power of Search” must include consumer relevance. It requires that we look past the key term and begin unlocking intent and preference. It means marrying consumer insight and brand understanding to create content and destinations that ring true. 

When achieved, my morning coffee ruminations will surely find a new topic; but if not, searching for one will be a breeze!