CEO Point of View: Winter 2010

Happy Holidays! With the holiday season in full swing, and as we sit on the cusp of a new year, what do you remember most fondly about 2009? What about 2008? If you were to make a list of your Top 25 Best Experiences, what would they be?

Is it time spent at your desk? Mowing the lawn? Grocery shopping? Balancing your checkbook? For most of us, these activities wouldn’t make our Top 25 lists. The best experiences are ones sharing and interacting with others: a spouse, a child, a business partner or teammate, or maybe a best friend or a parent.

In this issue of LOGIC + MAGIC, we explore content. Online content is often (and incorrectly) viewed as a commodity. We talk about “generating content,” or “distributing content,” or even “serving content” as if we were manufacturing Pez dispensers: just set the mold, apply the material, press and repeat. Much emphasis is placed on using content to simply drive a search engine goal, increase page rank or boost click-through. Even though these are all worthwhile and important objectives, strong content can be so much more.

Your content has to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time; it must build the experience you want to share with others. Content is your brand’s memory builder. It’s what creates the environment, connects you to your consumer, changes perceptions and builds a relationship. Content is the conversation. It’s the shared joys, mutual pains and common achievements that appeal to others. Content is what moves your brand or product out of obscurity and onto your clients’ Top 25 lists.

We hope this issue is useful to you, your agency or your team as you consider new ways of creating fresh content for your brand or product. From all of us at LEAPFrog Interactive to all of you—have a very happy, very safe, memory-filled 2010.