CEO Point of View: Winter 2012

What is so gratifying about following someone? Or re-tweeting them? Why does someone post their thoughts on someone else’s blog? Why do so many people follow, friend, like, share, and pin? Why do you care what a perfect stranger has to say?

My personal theory on this is that today’s social interaction taps into the innate human desire to matter to someone else.

Leaders matter because they have followers; speakers matter because they have listeners; writers matter because they have readers. Those symbiotic relationships are fulfilling because both sides matter to the other, and they know it. 

Your brand, of course, does not have this innate desire to matter….but its consumers do. And as anyone who has ever been in a relationship can attest – making one other person matter in your life is hard work. What about ten-thousand? Or ten-million? 

This issue of Logic + Magic explores that challenge, shares our agency’s POV, and provides real-world insight into what we see working in the marketplace.