Customer Personas

Customer Personas

The people beyond the demographics. Do you know who they are and how to reach them?

Although we lack flying cars or personal robots other than Siri, technology has advanced to mobile, wearable devices and recreational drones. Likewise, companies and their demographics evolve and marketers can gain insight into customers’ wants and needs through technology. As an example, a demographic can be compared to the egg avatar on Twitter because, the profile may have information, but a person is still missing from the picture.

As members of Generation-X join Snapchat and Millennials read hard copies of books, it is essential to understand your customers, what influences them and where they are consuming information.

How do you find customers?

The Internet is the ultimate focus group and generates insight at a deeper level and as a result, you know where your customers are and why. With this in mind businesses can improve their targeting and be more efficient with funds. The customers have power as well; a company can be impacted on the Internet in less than a minute, in a positive way through marketing promotions or negatively because of a pessimistic review.

In industries that focus on services, it is crucial to listen to customers and respond to complaints. However, to gain new customers, companies may need to share a discount or free service to entice the skeptics. As an example, this type of person is similar to ‘App Astute Alex,’ which requires a company to make an impression while the person is conducting his or her research.

The Internet has given brands power, but there are negative implications for certain groups. More specifically, brands face obstacles with techies that continuously want the next best product. Brands have to attract consumers like ‘Texting Techie Taylor,’ by promoting a sense of urgency in a savvy manner and finding a differentiator between you and your competitor.


There are mature and luxury-focused brands that may find difficulty in targeting personas such as ‘App Astute Alex’ and ‘Texting Techie Taylor.’ It is imperative for these brands to focus on their customer base and not the masses. Companies should not be deterred from Facebook or Pinterest, even if their customers are mature, such as ‘Social Savvy Sara’ and ‘Traditionally Targeted Todd.’ However, it is not ideal for these companies to focus on younger based applications such as Snapchat or Instagram.

Customer Personas