CXO Point of View

This special issue of LOGIC + MAGIC is dedicated to all things Mom: how to market to Mom, how to talk to her, how to connect with her — and how to do so from two different perspectives. The first is driven from statistical analysis and empirical evidence; it focuses on the logic of marketing to moms. The second focuses on ideation, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking, or the Magic of emotional appeal.

For this half of our journey, we’re going to focus on the Magic.

Mom herself is Magic. She is the ultimate multitasking counselor, doctor, shopper, educator, banker, and coach — all wrapped up into one person. Not only does Mom handle the responsibilities of caring for her children and managing the household, she also juggles work demands, keeps close tabs on her family and their needs, and maintains her personal friendships. she seeks outlets for herself and fun time with her family despite complex schedules. On the shopping front, Mom finds herself confronted with more brands and products than ever before, yet she’s able to make informed purchase decisions at incredible speeds.

Today’s mom wields technology skillfully to find what she wants when she wants it. She handpicks her brands based on value. As such, it’s up to the brands to find the Magic behind their messages, to draw Mom’s interest before quickly relating the value and experience they have to offer. Only after helping her realize her lifestyle aspirations will Mom welcome the brand as an integral part of her day-to-day.

In this issue, or this half of this issue, LFI uses best practices, the strongest trends, and the latest innovations to discover the Magic that drives the world’s most advanced brands. Through first-hand research and experience, as well as community discussions with our leading partners in mom marketing, we’re here to maximize your digital marketing and advertising goals.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think! let us know of any helpful topics or ideas that you’d like us to discuss in future issues. We’re here as your resource. Contact me personally anytime at or by phone at 502.212.1390, and thanks for reading!