Ektron: Making Content Management More Manageable

With advancing technology, more brands today are broadcasting their messages across a variety of media, making those messages accessible from any place at any time. 

While this may seem like a big win for more efficient marketing, it can also create a lot of headaches for brand managers who need to make simultaneous updates across many platforms. Luckily, LEAP works with a vendor partner that can help any brand clear this high hurdle.

Ektron is a web solutions company that enables brands to realize operational efficiency gains, increased revenue, and improved customer loyalty through a combination of software and services. Ektron believes that a website should be more of an application than a mere web page server. It should be visible to search engines. It should be more interactive. And it should be stickier so that visitors want to stay there longer.

The software that supports the website should also be easy to administer, even for the most non-technical personnel, and it should be managed from a single application through a single security model.

Ektron provides all of these benefits via its advanced CMS400. NET content management system (CMS). This particular CMS also provides options for an array of navigational features and content tools, including bread crumbs, multi-lingual support, and .PDF generators. In addition, CMS400.NET:

Supports communications to site members via subscriptions, web alerts, and RSS feeds.

Engages site visitors via polls and surveys and through online communities, like discussion boards and blogs.

Provides built-in web analytics and content rating to determine the pages that visitors prefer and the content that works best.

Through Ektron’s CMS, your brand can effect a single change instantly across multiple platforms. In other words, if content needs to be adjusted on your mobile site and your website, you can do it all at once with just one change. That way, the next time your brand faces a convergence hurdle, you can clear it without ever breaking stride.