Exact Target: Delivering a Bullseye Every Time

LEAPFrog Interactive works with a variety of email vendors, and for each client we determine the best fit for their interactive marketing goals. In this issue’s Partner Spotlight, we are putting the focus on a top-tier solution provider that has brought great results for many of our clients.

One of ExactTarget’s greatest strengths is its commitment to deliverability. ExactTarget supports its client brands with a world-class deliverability team. This collection of consultants, analysts and subject-matter experts are focused solely on making sure a brand’s email deliverability is fully optimized, using a blend of proprietary software, personal expertise and strong relationships with the ISPs to make this happen. ExactTarget’s devotion to deliverability helps ensure that all of its clients receive the maximum return on their email marketing investment.

ExactTarget offers brands one of the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly email marketing solutions available. The ExactTarget system is an ideal fit for clients who seek integration of sales and marketing activities, for it allows cooperation with other services like Salesforce and Omniture.

ExactTarget serves a range of clients from nearly all industries and market segments. Its email solution can be used by just about any brand, regardless of that brand’s previous email marketing experience. Whether a brand wants to send out a monthly e-newsletter or launch a highly targeted and segmented email program, ExactTarget provides an integrated platform that allows users to create, send and track all their emails from one interface.

This partner combines robust capabilities, a focus on deliverability, and ease of use to help brands receive the most from their email marketing efforts. That’s what makes working with ExactTarget such a positive experience for our clients, and why we are pleased to be able to offer ExactTarget’s email solution to them.