Letter from the CEO: Fall 2010

This special issue of LOGIC + MAGIC is dedicated to mom marketing and how digital opportunities are transforming this niche. We are taking two very different approaches to examining this subject: the first, driven by statistics, analytics, and evidence (logic); and the second, driven by ideation, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking (Magic).

For this half of our journey, we’re going to zero in on logic. But, let’s be honest. Most of us won’t find analytics, statistics, heuristic analyses, and demographic/ psychographic/geographic data to be very inspiring.

Candidly, our agency doesn’t believe the best ideas are generated from reports, data plots, or quadrant analyses. But, we do believe the best marketing platforms are informed and empowered by this logic. Without it, we’re dependent upon anecdotal findings and trial and-error to persuade our decisions— and effectively marketing to moms requires more than just guesswork.

The mom of 2010 is a vibrant, often misunderstood consumer. She is a multitasking miracle worker, a family physician, an activity director, a financial manager, and the primary decision-maker for almost 80% of household spending.

The 2010 mom truly lives an integrated digital lifestyle. She’s mastered the seamless transition of moving from a phone call to a text message to a social discussion online. She’s taken control of the media she consumes, when she consumes it, and the brands that get to participate in her lifestyle.

In this issue, we dive deep into the best practices and remarkable trends drawn from experience, research, and leading partners in mom marketing. It’s our hope that by doing so, we show you how to put logic to work for your digital marketing and advertising goals.

As always, we would love to hear from you. Please tell us what topics are helpful and what success you’re finding in the digital space. Contact me anytime at dknapp@leapfroginteractive.com or by phone at 502.212.1376.