Mobile Sites That Drive Sales

Mobile Sites That Drive Sales 

In the Food, Beverage or Retail industry, mobile search is key to your store being found. Not only will it benefit your overall search rankings, it will make your business easy to find, which in turn will bring customers in your door. 

The following sites will help you maximize your search traffic.

The Have-to’s


As the Business Owner you can claim your listing, which will give you the ability to message your customers, view business trends, deliver check-in offers— you are in control of the information about your business.

Catering to restaurants, Urbanspoon allows you to link to your menu, social media properties, and include special features about your restaurant. And uploading images will show the food, rather than just describe it. 

Apps: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone7 and Palm Pre

Google Maps

Google, the most popular search engine, delivers detailed information about your business in search results. When you claim your company, you have control over the information: hours, address, phone, website and more. And recently, Google announced a new feature where images will be shown in the results – which will draw the searcher’s eyes to your results if multiple listings are returned. 

Apps: iPhone, iPad and Android 

The Back-up’s 

AroundMe – Recommendations

OpenTable – Reservations

Wikitude – Augmented Reality

Bottom line, if you own a restaurant you need to be on these sites. They are free, user-generated and drive sales. It’s a win-win if you ask me.