Omniture: Providing the Data You Need for the Performance You Want


Understanding how and why consumers react to a client’s interactive marketing efforts can make the difference between getting a campaign to perform satisfactorily and having it reach new heights. To make the right marketing decisions, you need the right analytics programs.

With this understanding, we’ve chosen to focus this quarter’s Partner Spotlight on Omniture, one of the analytics solutions providers we use to help make sure our clients attain the best possible performance from their interactive marketing initiatives.

Omniture, an Adobe company, is the leading provider of online business optimization, a strategy that utilizes customer insight to drive innovation and increase customer loyalty. Its Online Marketing Suite™ features a comprehensive portfolio of applications that allows brands to use customer feedback to optimize interactions and create more personalized, relevant customer experiences—all while maximizing their marketing spends. LEAPFrog Interactive uses Omniture SiteCatalyst® and Test&Target™, both of which are part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite. We’ve been very happy with our results.

SiteCatalyst is a valuable resource for determining the paths visitors take on a website. By identifying these paths, a brand can place messaging in them that can drive consumer conversions. SiteCatalyst also helps brands track their ads to determine which generate the most conversions. It provides any brand with a single source to utilize, measure and optimize integrated data from all its online initiatives across multiple marketing channels.

Test&Target is an enterprise-level solution from Omniture that allows brands to test content on the fly, even on the busiest website, in order to determine what features are working best with the site’s visitors. It provides the capabilities needed to continually make the site’s online content and offers more relevant to their customers, thus generating greater conversion levels. Brands that have Omniture’s applications working for them can leverage the Internet and other emerging digital channels more fully, thereby helping them increase their revenues, improve their levels of customer service and operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge.

Omniture’s solutions enable brands to capture, store and analyze digital transactions throughout a wide range of online channels. This advantage allows these brands to:

  • Measure trends and customer behavior in real time.
  • Provide real time, high performance analysis and reporting.
  • Automate the delivery of content and marketing offers.
  • Test site design and navigational elements.
  • Optimize user experiences and revenue opportunities.
  • Optimize critical online processes.