Real-Life Mom-Stars and Virtual Rock Stars


Have you ever observed a group of moms with their children? They absolutely amaze me — I mean, for hours on end, they keep one eye on Timmy to make sure he doesn’t jump off the monkey bars onto Suzie; they wipe baby drool off the wee lad in the stroller; they keep another eye on their collections of baby gear; they take photos with their iPhones when something cute happens; they update their Facebook statuses and upload said mobile photos — and they do all this while they carry on conversations with their friends!

If you ask me, these women are like rock stars. They’re mom-stars! There is no way I’d even be able to keep my sanity while acting as the epicenter of this much stimulation, let alone handle it with such grace and poise.

How do they do it? Well, what we’ve come to find is that in most cases, moms are the generals of their households. And if moms are the generals, then technology acts as their sabers, which they wield masterly to cut through the day’s activities.

For me, my mobile is my personal planner. I use it to keep track of my calendar; to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family; and to find quick information on the go. It helps me march through my day without missing a step. For moms, “on the go” pretty much describes every second of every day, so it makes sense that they’d utilize technology to manage and accomplish so much more! Just to show how involved moms are with social media, a recent Retail Advertising and Marketing Association study found that moms are 10% more likely to be on Facebook, Nearly 10% more likely to be on MySpace, and more likely to be on twitter than the general adult population.

Moms know the Internet. They know how to find what they want, and they know how to use it to boost their productivity and manage their families better. They’re taking their mom-star lifestyles digital, so rock on, mommas! Rock on!