Saying A Lot with A Little


A brand’s tagline should function as their slogan and their war-cry. It should also summarize their personality and values in a few short, carefully chosen words.

It sounds like a lot to accomplish with a phrase hopefully shorter than seven words. But the following brands have mastered this task.

With that said, most taglines can be separated into one of four categories: CTA, Descriptor, The Superlative and The Provocateur. To give you an idea of each, we’ve laid out the best of each category.

The Call to Action:

They do essentially their name – act as a CTA.

Slim Jim – Snap into a Slim Jim

Nike – Just Do It

The Descriptor:

These lines describe the brand and what they do.

Avis – We Try Harder

USPS – We Deliver

The Superlative:

When you want to position yourself as best-in-class, this is the direction for you.

McDonald’s – I’m Loving It

Emerald Nuts – Yes Good

The Provocateur:

Bold statements for the brand with some swagger.

Adidas – Impossible is Nothing

Gatorade – Is it in You?