Smart Web Marketers Think Local

Consumer usage of local search has skyrocketed since the introduction of mobile technologies to the market. Search engines, especially Bing, are focusing on targeting consumers who want to make important decisions about their free time—i.e. date nights, road trips and places for relaxation or adventure—as evidenced by their “decision engine” commercial campaigns. As mobile technologies become more advanced, we turn first to our Smartphones for assistance making choices. 

According to Google (via, 20% of all user searches are related to location. These are terms like “Starbucks cappuccino Chicago” and “florists 60611.” comScore reports Google serves up to 88 billion searches per month (worldwide), which equates to about 17.6 million local searches. Microsoft reports that one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. A brand’s knowledge on how to get exposure in local search will make a difference in their business success. 

Consumers trust the Internet to give them up-to-date, reliable information.

According to a comprehensive Nielsen/NetRatings report on “Why Search Matters to Local Business,” when shopping for products/services, 73% of consumers use search engines at some point in their process. Also, 67% of consumers prefer Internet yellow pages over printed telephone directories—citing reasons such as being faster, convenient, current/ accurate, and having it paired with technology that gets them to where they want to go. 

Consumers are using local search to make decisions about how to spend their free time. The question for brands is: “Are you showing up as a possible choice?”