Superb Ways to Use Mobile Marketing


No other marketing medium exemplifies the possibilities of convergence theory like mobile. Unlike a TV, radio, or billboard, mobile devices are with the consumer at all times — and so are the advertising messages. Traditional marketing campaigns were transient and dependent on the point in time when the audience consumed the message. Mobile allows a marketing campaign to transcend time.

Mobile is the actualization of convergence theory. A billboard can include a QR code to a mobile site. A print ad can include SMS codes for coupons, which can be delivered straight to a phone and scanned at checkout. A 30-second television spot can show an address for a weekend sale, and then using a widget on the TV, it can send a calendar alert to the desktop computer. The desktop machine can then send driving directions to a mobile phone. Indeed, it seems there are endless possibilities for these types of intercommunications.

Several implications exist when handling mobile convergence. First, any content developed for the TV or desktop computer must be adjusted to fit mobile. Secondly, developing a comprehensive, integrated program strategy is key to a successful marketing convergence campaign. By adhering to these tenets, marketers may truly put their messages in the hands of their audiences, creating multiple touch points while allowing audience members to receive the information on their terms.