That Indescribable Feeling of Falling in Love

Many brands are built on factoids, information, logical arguments, value and efficiency. Those are fine qualities if you want to be friends, but not if you want to fall madly in love. Falling in love takes more. It takes more openness, vulnerability, trust, engagement, interaction, communication and mutual benefit.

Understanding your target audience’s integrated digital lifestyle isn’t just a marketing exercise. It’s not about creating another target market profile or another set of psychographic statistics. It’s about understanding how and when your brand can spend more time with your target audience.

Note, I did not say it’s finding out when your target audience watches TV, which radio station they listen to, or which websites they frequent. These are factoids, and helpful ones, but we don’t fall in love by seeing someone’s face on TV four times an hour during primetime.

The integrated digital lifestyle gives you a dating roadmap. Yes, you know their deodorant of choice and go-to late night snack — but, of far more importance, you know when and how they want to spend time with you.

And once you have the dating roadmap, don’t blow it! Your brand needs to learn to communicate openly, take criticism, fix bad habits, spruce up the 80s wardrobe, and engage, engage, engage!