The Future of Online Fashion


Where are fashion websites going? It really depends on where the site’s brand wants to go. 

Most fashion design sites tend to have little to no content on their sites or homepages. This may change in the near future, though, due to the increased use of SEO to drive the sites. While a well-known fashion designer or label might not seem like it would need a lot of SEO effort behind it, all brands, from the best known to the up and coming, can benefit from the branding lift SEO can provide.

Another future consideration for fashion website design will be appealing to more and more mobile devices and the “Oh My God, I Can’t Believe How Small That Screen Is!” mini computers. The fashion websites to come will need to take cues from other industries and start to make their websites less technical, more practical, and straight to the point. This may be especially true given that most designers target tweens, teens, and beauty queens who are constantly on their mobile devices much more so than on their computers.

Overall, however, there won’t be a huge shift in the design thought of most fashion websites, at least not until the next big thing comes along on the web. I feel that this big thing might be the web and TV becoming much more integrated in the future. Once this happens, we’ll see an overall shift in website design.

I think that websites will eventually become somewhat like inserts into our TV shows, effectively functioning as commercials. If this happens, it would make it possible to order directly from the “commercial” and not have to go to your computer and try to remember the on-screen URL you just saw to get that great blouse. You could even bookmark the “commercial” just like an ordinary website for future reference.