Welcome Customer, Let Me Show You Our Cash Register

When did a “shopping cart” become a destination instead of a tool? Who decided that shopping and buying were equivalent? And why have we accepted diminished brand value in return for speed?

“Buying” is the process of making a purchase, while “shopping” is the process of determining value. But many eCommerce sites have merged these distinct consumer activities, making the purchase process near instantaneous and calling that a “shopping experience”.

How many times have you heard the mantra that the best websites eliminate “distractions” (those pesky value propositions) and strive for “one-click” purchasing?

But what unique attributes are you able to convey as you whisk your visitor to the cash register? How many consumers tell you they choose your brand because they can pay faster? And perhaps most importantly – has this speed to purchase given you an edge in raising prices or reducing discounts?

When the shopping experience (the act of determining value) is degraded to a checkout process, the brand is left competing on the only value proposition the consumer sees… price.

We do not believe eCommerce sites should be maze-like and require 17 clicks to purchase. But eCommerce cannot remain about speed to purchase and price comparison. Even the low cost leader brand wants to provide “value” but not be “cheap”.

In this issue of Logic+Magic we explore eCommerce from just about every angle. Ultimately, we believe the best eCommerce sites of the future will recognize the value of “shopping”, and provide consumers compelling reasons to purchase at a price the brand’s value should command.