Navigating a family legacy
with a collaborative spirit​

For more than 250 years, eight generations of the Beckmann family have been making exceptional tequila: growing the same botanical species of agave in the same region, then processing and distilling it pretty much the way they did in the 1700s.

So, of course the family wanted to be involved in how their uncompromised, estate-distilled tequila would be marketed and advertised to the world.

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Starting with a solid foundation

At Leap, our relationship with the Beckmann family (through the Heaven Hill brand) was strong from the beginning: our team made multiple trips across the border to Jalisco, Mexico so we could truly understand the legacy and purity of craftsmanship behind this remarkable spirit. Through those first trips to the Beckmann Estate, we produced a stunning micro-documentary that brought the rich history of the Lunazul brand to life in an authentic and engaging way.

Incorporating family feedback in an authentic way

While we were there, our team also took the time to really get to know the family better, to understand what the brand meant to them, what they felt it stood for, and how they thought it should be represented in the world. Lunazul didn’t have the budget to be everywhere, but it could make a true impact by being strategic and unscripted, appealing specifically to those who were looking for something fresh, new and genuine.

We also knew that by making sure the Beckmanns felt included, we’d not only gain greater insight into the Lunazul heritage and brand, but also facilitate greater ease of communication down the road. As it turns out, it wasn’t long before we were presented with a challenge.

Lunazul Heritage 1

Staying true to brand values in the
face of overwhelming success

Working with Heaven Hill and with the Beckmann’s approval, we launched a revitalized Lunazul brand through a national, omni-channel “Feed the Wolf” campaign — but it was so hugely successful that the estate couldn’t keep up with the agave demand! And the Beckmann family, true to their commitment to uncompromising quality of their spirit, were unwilling to source agave from other farms.

In part because we had already developed such a strong relationship with the family — including getting their feedback on and approval of the creative campaign that was now so popular — it was easy for us to understand and respect their refusal to compromise their brand … not to mention a legacy more than 250 years in the making.


A solution that family, company and agency could embrace

We put our heads together with the family and the Heaven Hill team and came up with a solution: while the Beckmann family sourced additional agave, we developed the Lunazul Heritage Campaign. Launched across all social channels, we used photography and video we had captured for the documentary to tell micro-stories about Lunazul’s legacy of uncompromising quality — from the jimadors who hand-harvest Lunazul’s 100% blue agave, to the centuries-old yeast culture that goes into fermentation, to the small-batch double distillation process, right down to the hand-labeled bottles.

By educating our audience about the premium ingredients and time-honored process that gave Lunazul its unparalleled smoothness, taste and quality, we were able to give the Beckmann family time to resolve their production issues while keeping Lunazul a top-of-mind, premium consideration in the minds of young consumers focused on quality and lineage. And we did it all with a strategic media mix, carefully crafted to ensure the synchronization of marketing efforts and ensure Lunazul’s story reached, resonated with and engaged our target audience.

Discovery + Lunazul
Toast to Tradition

Making a 250-year-old family brand into
the celebrated spirit of the digital age

Around the time our heritage campaign was wrapping up, production was ramping up and our Discovery+ partnership — aptly enough, “A Toast to Tradition” — was ready to launch. Through influencer Josh Gates’ enthusiasm for Lunazul’s unique legacy, we were able to make another huge push for our celebrated spirit — with results that had everyone raising another glass.

From consulting, strategy and media planning to an omni-channel campaign that leveraged micro-influencers, premium partnerships and geotargeting, Leap has helped deliver year after year of record growth for the brand and establish Lunazul as a premium tequila — all on a well-liquor budget. And throughout it all, we’ve maintained a strong relationship with the Beckmann family as well as our clients at Heaven Hill.

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