Leap Group Unveils Results of 57th Annual Survey for Atlas World Group

Leap Group Network, a bespoke agency holding company, with its client Atlas World Group, released the results of the global moving company’s 57th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey
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Louisville, Kentucky: Leap Group Network, a bespoke agency holding company, with its client Atlas World Group, released the results of the global moving company’s 57th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey. The survey is the industry’s first and longest-running investigation into corporate relocation policies, practices and trends.

Leap Group assumed leadership of every aspect of the publication, from overhauling the research design, collecting and analyzing data, and developing the comprehensive report, to designing and visualizing the data. The report was unveiled to Atlas professionals from across the U.S., Canada and the world at the 55th Atlas Forum in Chicago this April.

“Initiatives like the Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey offer Leap Group the chance to tap into the unique breadth of our capabilities,” says Maureen Johnson, Senior Account Director for (human)x, a Leap Group Network agency. “From the beginning, our own PhD-led, in-house research team was collaborating with our design team, so we not only helped Atlas refine their annual survey to acquire new insights, but also brought the data to life in a way that was both beautiful and easy to understand.”

Atlas Survey

New to the survey this year were questions about the role of artificial intelligence in human resources work and relocation. Nearly 600 decision-makers, representing 20 different industries making regional, national and international relocations, responded to the survey. Top findings included:

· Relocation volumes and budgets continued to increase in 2023, with most companies anticipating further increases, along with continued improvements in their financial performance and the state of the global economy overall in 2024.

· In 2023, the top four internal factors impacting relocation were: Growth of Company (33%), Knowledge/Skills Transfers (29%), Employee Ineligibility/Inability to Relocate (27%), and Increased Production (27%).

· The top five external factors impacting relocation in 2023 were: Economic Conditions (35%), Lack of Qualified People Locally/The Great Resignation (27%), Political/Regulatory Environment (25%), Real Estate Market/Available Housing (25%), and Supply Chain/Shipping/Transportation Capacity Constraints (25%).

· 35% of companies reported that an employee declined relocation in 2023 because of safety concerns, including war, terrorism, and civil unrest. This was significantly more impactful for companies relocating employees between countries/internationally, than for those who did not.

· Though 40% of companies reported an increase in employees declining relocation in 2023 compared to 2022, companies are noting an increase overall in expectations of employees electing permanent voluntary relocations.

· 70% of respondents said that they were knowledgeable in AI, with 65% reporting that they are already using AI in HR processes.

Atlas Survey

“For the past couple years, all of the conversation in the labor market has been around the difficulties in hiring and the Great Resignation,” says Laura Valentine, Senior Market Research Analyst at (human)x, a Leap Group Network agency. “But because that question has been asked so many years running in the Atlas survey, we were able to observe that when companies are reporting challenges, they’re reporting it at a lower percentage than ever before. Yet it’s all anybody can talk about. It’s interesting to have access to those kinds of insights.”

Atlas Survey

The full 57th Annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey can be accessed for free on the Atlas website at atlasvanlines.com/resources/corporate-relocation-survey. More Leap Group research and design work can be seen at the Leap Group Network website (leapgroupnetwork.com) and on the websites of its specialized agencies. The network opened a Chicago office in April 2024 and was named to the Inc. 5000 list in 2023. It added 30 employees and 13 new clients to its roster in 2023 alone.

About Leap Group Network: Founded in 1999 by Alan Gilleo and Daniel Knapp, Leap Group is an award-winning, bespoke agency holding company that gives clients simplified access to specialized agencies. With offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville, Leap Group’s independent network of wholly owned
agencies are aligned by a shared philosophy – market less, matter more – and driven by a passion for understanding how people think and make decisions.

Its proven, human-first approach includes a PhD-led team of researchers and humanView, a proprietary predictive modeling product, that helps uncover key human insights and create truly meaningful experiences. Leap Group proudly includes WBENC-certified women-owned and LGBTQ+ owned agencies within its network, all available with one consolidated approach. Learn more at leapgroupnetwork.com.

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