Our Spirit and Culture

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We’re relentlessly curious about people, asking countless questions of you, your audience, and ourselves. We’ve witnessed the extraordinary power of human potential to solve problems, break barriers, and foster genuine connections.

Every aspect of our work, from research to unconventional creativity, is grounded in this human connection. Making breakthrough connections is the key to your business’s thriving growth, and we have the knowledge to help you unlock it. Just ask us.

Our Commitment to DE&I

We believe Diverse and Inclusive Marketing stems from Diverse and Inclusive Teams. As a network of LGBTQ+ and women-owned agencies, we’ve recognized that the diverse voices within our group drive our creativity and impact. That’s why we’ve implemented a data-informed IE&D roadmap to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusivity at Leap. 


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For more than 24 years, we’ve developed and refined our human-first approach to marketing less, driven by a passion for uncovering the key human insights that allow us to create truly meaningful experiences that make our clients matter more to their customers.

Featured Clients

U-Pull & Pay

U-Pull-&-Pay’s revival wasn’t just about cars but rebuilding their brand. By aligning targets, insights, and a powerful idea, we drove record in-store visits and ad engagement. Our strategy uncovered unique insights, paving the way for emotional connections, a nationwide ‘Keep The Drive Alive’ campaign, and a website overhaul. The result: 112% ad recall lift, 431% YOY Facebook traffic increase, and 35% more web form submissions, transforming a junkyard into something remarkable.

Premier Health

Premier Health, Ohio’s biggest healthcare provider, was fragmented with 16+ brands. Leap Group unified the brand with personalized digital experiences, driving leads and innovative campaigns like ‘Know Before You Go,’ using Waze integration for ER wait times, and micro-targeted ads for growth.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse

Leap Group partnered with Texas Roadhouse to fuel its remarkable growth from 53 to 627 U.S. locations and 29 international outlets. Through hyperlocalization, personalized targeting, and a cohesive national presence, we cultivated brand loyalty and maximized return customers. Our comprehensive digital solutions, from websites to mobile apps, created a local feel while centralizing marketing efforts for a unified brand experience.

Standard Bariatrics | Teleflex

Standard Bariatrics

Standard Bariatrics, weight loss surgery innovators, partnered with us for their Titan SGS® stapler and Standard Sleeve® procedure. We crafted a market entry strategy, generated 10x leads, resulting in a $300M acquisition by Teleflex. We make standards rise in healthcare.

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Deep Eddy

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