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Q1. Please detail the agency’s experience, expertise and insights for success when working with a family-owned and/or founder-led company.

At Leap, we have extensive experience helping family-owned and founder-led companies make their brands matter more.

That’s because everything we do is rooted in human connection, from our PhD-led research to our innovative creative processes. And we know from our work with family and founder brands across many different industries, making breakthrough connections is the key to helping your brand continue to grow and thrive for generations to come.

Here’s a look at how we helped a few family-owned and founder-led companies matter more to their customers.

Q2. What does your agency consider to be its most breakthrough, differentiating, digitally-forward creative execution/campaign (specifically in the Spirits category) within the past FOUR years that increased awareness and reversed revenue decline?


Feed the Wolf | 2020 - 2023

  • 140% in-store sales increase
  • 400% increase in share of voice
  • 57.9% increase in brand lift

They had a bottle. We gave them a brand.

We took family-owned Lunazul tequila from a bottom-shelf afterthought to a premium consideration on the coveted-third shelf. We revitalized the brand’s creative elements, then relaunched with digital-forward, omni-channel campaign aimed at young tequila enthusiasts.

Other case studies that highlight our passion for driving awareness and sales:

Deep Eddy - The Original Spiked Seltzer | 2021 - 2023

Betty Deep Eddy

Proof that we’re always up for a challenge.

With a national brand budget less than 1/10th of its main competitor, we helped challenger brand Deep Eddy Original Vodka efficiently reach younger consumers with an omni-channel campaign that leaned into digital activations like video, audio, web and mobile, custom content, social media, and influencers to drive a 17% increase in foot traffic to retailers, 14% increase in website conversions, and 40% increase in sales.

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